Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The New Jerusalem

Modern Day Slavery in Bell County Texas

      The sad thing is that the title to this post is not very alarming to the citizens of Temple Texas. Many times I have tried to keep a simple record of some of the craziness that I call my life in the past year, but my own addictions hasn't allowed that so far. Whether it be from losing passwords, getting personal property stolen, or just plain too damn high to correlate information into a legible sentence, I can't seem to showcase any of the great qualities of living in the area of The New Jerusalem. I am doing my best to get this story out to at someone who'll at least come pick me up and not treat me as delusional and suicidal. ( FACT: Officer Hollingsworth of the Temple Police Department, in charge of Federal warrants, drove me to Scott and White Hospital and walked around people waiting for hours to have physician Dr. Jason Collins pretend to be a psychiatrist or psychologist, and label me as suicidal. ) 
     In the past year I've seen things that previously couldn't be entertained by anything less than Hollywood in my mind. Who would make this shit up? Contrary to popular belief, I am very sane. I am Chris Brown, a smart man that does very dumb things. I sometimes have wondered just where I have gone wrong in life in order to be 41 and not own anything at all. I recently discovered that God has been in my life  the whole time in my last year, and He is making the best of all the bad situations I get myself into. I am not the wealthy "runner" I pictured myself being a year ago when I left my wife and daughter, but a broke nobody. Actually, I'd rather be a nobody. I'm obviously someone because Agent Moore, a federal narcotics officer, has delivered the message to call him by.....( five days past due :) ), or face arrest. Fuck him in the neck and feed him fish heads.
     I tried to talk November 6th in Blake Doughty's front yard on Rosewood at a Bell County dope trap house. I was going to be arrested for PI, but was arrested for resisting arrest. WTF? The landlord is Jeane Pierre, the same one as at the house that Matthew Horowitz ran at the lake. Blake and Alexis are just a couple of worms setting up everyone that drives up. The fat man across the street 4 houses down receives compensation for watching or recording as the  President of the Board of Elections in Bell County. That's how you'll find out his name his name. Blake's house is most likely owned by Castle Properties, as Randall Culp's was on Ave  I. I have talked to all these people in the last couple weeks too. How come all these chickenshit fuckers ( except Blake, he stayed true to his chickenshit cowardice and won't answer the door for me ) won't do anything to me when I sneak up on them? MattyHoBro is my friend but won't give the time of day cause he is scared too. I'm scared, but I go straight at scared. 
     Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to let all the people know that there are puppetmasters that feel as if they have the perfect gig because of all the people being enslaved are discredited through legal system and the Child Protective Services. The cops have a system in place at many different levels to deal with all leaks and possible breeches. Universal Field Services at 61st in Temple Texas is a cover business for less than reputable police activity like CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, or regular porn, pay pal accounts for photo purchases, drug dealing and murder for hire. Their offices have recently moved because of my knowledge ( and plans to kill me and make it look like a suicide) but not far because I should be dealt with soon. BRING IT ON BITCH HOLLINGSWORTH. I hate your guts,  playing God like you can decide if I live or die. Agent Moore as well. I asked for your  help guys, and your responses are not conducive to my future well being. How is it that yall think you have the authority terminate my friend's life? Everyone busted for drugs in this County is eligible for appeal because ALL the dope in Bell County is put on the streets by the Cops.!!!! I know the system. Someone challenge me. 
     Smile around the World dentistry offices seem like a perfect place to move because of location and name. I just look like this....Jonathan Waller asked me what I wanted to go away, and offered me money until he found out I was followed by County and Federal. I'll get by there soon Hollingsworth. You're about to shut this project down? HA! You're about to get shut down by me. Chris Brown, eighth grade education, 12 years accumulated incarceration (all out of Bell County), is going to expose the "conspiracy".
     The purpose of this blog is just to get it off my chest. My emotions don't allow for me to showcase my writing abilities because I am so fired up about the FACT that the law here think they're above the law. Oh well, shut me up then! Nobody has to believe me, just pass it on to a friend that has ten thousand well connected friends. No names are changed and the best person to verify my Scott and White trip is Doctor Jason Collins (physician) as he was the scariest looking feller and couldn't cover his lie very well when I busted him in it less than five hours later. That's right Hollingsworth.......BUSTED! I had a wristband verifying my actual trip but your confidential informant Kendy Oldham got it from me. Since Eve deceived Adam................well, Kendy is beautiful, that sums that one up. I got tricked by Macayla Schott too, another beauty. I fucked them both though, so at least I got something out of it.
     Duane Thorpe made a deal with the laws as well as Tommy Clifton, both felons confirmed Aryan Brotherhood were just at a home on Eighth and King in Temple with dope and a gun when the law came in (Agent Moore) and nobody went to jail ( both on parole too). Anyhow, I hope they don't kill anyone since they shouldn't be on the street anyway. 
     It's a good thing for the cops that the manager of the Temple HELP Center is under investigation because now her testimony of my experience with Hollingsworth is out the window. What about the computer I STOLE from Randall Culp and took to the pastor at the small church in Belton cause it had the same programs on it that the cops use for spying? I took it to the pastor because his daughter ( Lisa P.), got caught up in the game and told to record my conversation on a drug deal. I have an entire Church in Belton Texas witnessed "something not right" happening on that Sunday. I should have called out those cops surrounding me and the computer then, but was scared. I bet my friend Denver Sneed was scared too, before the Gold buyer on Ave H and 31st Street killed him. That buyer deserved that ring of the Mason that molested my mother, and he'll deserve the flames of Hell when he gets there. My name is Chris Brown and this is only a very small piece of what goes on in the New Jerusalem daily. The following names are people who can shed alot more light on the subject, though it may take waterboarding to get it out of them. Call me, I'll do it.........:
Jonathan Waller- Tech guy at
Matthew Horowitz- Drug User and Distributor at
Darcy Horowitz- Professional Escort and Distributor at
Paul Brukbauer (SP?) Professional Intelligent Stupid Man, Businessman (about 50 strong), Drug Dealer and Chemist.
Blake Doty-scary bitch and drug dealing informant for Bell County
Charles St.Claire- Incarcerated friend being set up by Kenneth Wayne Fongren for Michael LeChimenot's dope. 
Ask Amber
Everyone must pay the piper. Val is next using Country Joe Walker.


  1. You went through a break up at your home in Odessa. These things have an effect on the most rational of people. It always takes at least a couple of years to get your equilibrium back after something like that. I do not know these people you mention and and can neither defend or condemn them nor do I want to. They are not important to me. Chris, you cannot change the world. Start a new life somewhere else. Leave it all behind you.

  2. Everything you said in this comment is true is true there's a lot more than what he has spoken has I have I have experienced the facts that Mr brown has stated currently I am also marked for death might as well tell someone now because if not it will never end after I'm killed The Lord Jesus has been the only reason I'm still here I am praying for all the slaves in bell county and Chris Brown you have ball of steel for posting this hope to see you again if not we both we see each other in heaven This Is the temple of God

  3. Chris brown...please show me where you get your info. And as far as a scary birch...I got your scary. Bitch...informant? For who? I am calling your ass out.. it was your dumbass who ran from the cops in my yard. My neighbors called them cuz your dumbass was hiding in bushes in my yard.. why don't you just leave town nobody gives two shits wtf you say

  4. As I read this it was obvious to me, the problem, apparently a severe mental illness, is due in large part to methamphetamine, which can also lead to extended periods of masterbation and tooth decay. Mr. Brown mentioned conspiracy but it sounded to me like pure fantasy. For me the most significant part of the blog is the name of a very promiscuos woman named Kendy Oldham, damn girl you get around. I will end with this statement. METHAMPHETAMINE IS A MOTHERFUCKER. Lee Drake

  5. Love ya caveman.. Now for more reality.. 22 informants here in bell. And . coryell. Instincts got you here. Look it up on computer project icebox..I got more. Wanna talk I will bring the shit. Facebook me.martin turtle ramming. Hell Google me. San Quentin, for murder. Me
    o I miss you.

  6. Wow dude really? You need medication. Why would you post this on line? And I tricked you? And If this were the case why were you writing me weekly and steadily putting money on my books. Hell why did your 42 year old ass sleep with a 19 year old?